Tipton & Associates offers services that help your company meet its real estate needs.

Client Representation

Businesses face hundreds of decision that affect the bottom line. Many occur every day. But there is one decision made only a few times each decade.

Where do I locate my company?

The location of your office affects customer traffic, employee productivity and ultimately, business profitability. You have a business to run. Do you have the time and experience needed to find the highest and best use for your real estate dollar? Most businesses don’t have these resources.

We do.

With over 25 years of experience, Tipton & Associates and its principal, Jack Tipton, have represented the interests of over 200 companies in Western Pennsylvania. Quality tenant representation requires a thorough understanding of the market, competitive lease terms and financial analysis. We evaluate each offer landlords make for your business, presenting our findings in clear, concise reports designed to help you reach a decision. We show you which terms are changing as negotiations proceed, all with the complete involvement of Jack Tipton, owner and broker of record for Tipton & Associates.

It’s part of a package of representation services we provide to each client, regardless of size.

Finding the perfect space for your business takes time. Negotiating the best lease takes experience and market knowledge. With Tipton & Associates representing your interests, we focus on the real estate, allowing you to focus on what you do best, your business.